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Twenty Twelve

It’s two weeks into the New Year and we haven’t said anything. Being a little worried that it’d give you the impression that nothing was going on over here, we thought we’d reassure you that it’s not the case. In fact, the opposite is true. We’ve had such a busy start to the new year that we’ve barely had time to breathe.

In a short burst of prose, this is what’s happening: we officially signed Laurel Collective for a two album deal before Christmas, we signed a rather exciting distribution/joint-venture agreement with Believe Digital/Recordings, we’ve just finalised the schedule for Laurel Collective’s debut album, Peter and Kerry are putting the finishing touches to theirs and we’ve got new work in the pipeline from Dogtanion and Mr James Bright. Oh, and we’re also starting a singles club.

Yippee ki-ay, motherf*cker.

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