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Hairy Hands Returns…


Our very own cosmic audio noodler Hairy Hands returns, this time with debut album “Magic” landing on Planet Earth on 2nd September 2016 (via Tape Club WW ex US and New Los Angeles for North America).

In the meantime, he’s shared a teaser track “Suns” to whet your appetite – premiered by Clash yesterday (check out their article here).

Says James: “Suns was one of the first tracks I worked on for this album. It started life as a simple drone/drum break and grew & changed shape from there. I wanted the album to explore my interest in space travel/sci-fi/b-movies and built a story about a time in the future where planet Earth has lost its Sun. The song follows the young and old of planet Earth on the beginnings of their search for a new home in outer space. The chorus also reflects the fact that we all have a Sun within us to grow things and share our warmth for our fellow species/others and the surroundings we inhabit. . Using an old reel to reel to resample parts (warp/time stretch) of an old Yamaha synthesiser I’d played and adding layers of trombone and moving them around.” 

Check “Suns” out here:


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Watch this space for more news.

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