Taylor Barrow’s ‘1161’ EP out now on Phone Home Records

Taylor Barrow’s ‘1161’ EP out now on Phone Home Records

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1161‘ by Taylor Barrow is out now on Phone Home Records, Hairy Hands‘ label imprint on Tape Club.

Listen to the EP here:

Get your copy here:
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Debut EP by Peter Lyons

October 2nd will see the release of Peter Lyons‘ debut EP ‘Oh, To Pull You Up‘.

In recent years his focus has been on recording and performing alongside Kerry Leatham as ‘Peter and Kerry‘, composing music for top-flight ballet productions and writing, producing and mixing for a number of new British artists. With this EP we’re finally treated to a collection of Peter’s solo works which cover a remarkable amount of ground, in genre terms. The reaction to ‘Leave Me’ from the EP released earlier this year is indicative of just how special his creations are.

Listen to a new track from the EP, Envy, below:

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Phone Home Records: “Cubin” by Taylor Barrow | EP Pre-order

1161” by Taylor Barrow​, the first release on Hairy HandsPhone Home Records​ label is out this Friday.

Check out “Cubin” here:

Pre-order the EP here (and get “Kustiq Bits” instantly).

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Kerry Leatham announces Roseau and Big Dada/Ninja Tune signing

The First Lady of Tape Club, Kerry Leatham, has a new thing.

Introducing Roseau – very happy to have Big Dada / Ninja Tune release her debut album Salt, on September 18th.

This is Alright, taken from the album – it’s available for free download here:

Listen to Glass here:

Her debut show is at Servant Jazz Quarters on Wednesday 19th August.
More information and tickets can be found here.


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Phone Home Records

The man behind Hairy Hands, real name James Bright, is one with remarkable taste. It was his online explorations that led to the discovery of Kerry Leatham (Roseau), amongst others, and as such we’re pleased to announce that James will be heading up his very own Tape Club imprint, Phone Home Records

The first release is Canadian wizard Taylor Barrow and “You Just Would Be” is premiering now over at Boiler Room.


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