Bronze Medallists


Bronze Medallists formed 2 years ago in London. Having toured and recorded with industry’s finest in their previous projects, Olly Price and Ben Ferrari set-out to establish a band that would be free from the pressures often encountered on ‘the route to success’. The pair pulled-in best friends Olly Sheppard and Luke Roberts, and as a four-piece began to write and perform songs with little consideration for current trends in production. This currently results in a predominant use of electronics and the decision to use guitars ‘whenever they want to’, rather than as standard.

This philosophy of writing and production has led to a high quality output; both Olly (Price) and Ben are involved in production work outside of the band (Lulu and the Lampshades, Emmy the Great, Von D, The Feeling) and this experience adds even more to the great breadth of sonic composition and songwriting ability evident in their tracks. Outside of the studio, the band have played with the likes of Boy Mandeville, Tristram, Lulu and the Lampshades, Stricken City and Alessis Ark.