Hairy Hands


Hairy Hands is UK producer James Bright. He has been producing since 2008 under the names Hairy Hands, Tickler Tea & Magic Fuzz (Both Tape Club Records), and Barbados! (Critical Heights Records).

“The Hairy Hands Verses Series” was born from the desire to create tracks and test boundaries by brainstorming with other artists. “I love working on my own (writing & producing tracks), but felt it would be fun to bounce ideas off of others,” says Bright. “I wanted the process of making the tracks help to make me grow as a musician, songwriter and producer,” he adds. Bright made connections with artists, producers, and musicians that he discovered on soundcloud and other musical havens on the internet. He discovered French producer Marouette by way of a Portico Quartet remix posted on soundcloud, and was able to connect with Kotchy, a producer/songwriter on Civil Music/Done Right Recordings) that he’d been a fan of for years. Posting a monthly track was a challenge that taught Bright to be flexible about changes in musical direction and the construction of each piece.

The “Verses Series” featured twelve tracks in total, and is available digitally as a complete album and on a limited run cassette.

Hairy Hands’ latest EP, “Battlecat“, was released on 23rd February 2015 digitally and on limited edition vinyl.