Kerry Leatham


Three years ago, Kerry Leatham was approached by Kwame Kwaten. Having listened to her music online, he travelled up to Kerry’s hometown of Colchester to meet her in what can only be described as a ‘dingy themed bar’. A few live shows and recording sessions later, Kwame became her manager. Kerry moved down to London and over the following years focused on writing and recording a range of material, as well as gigging heavily on the London folk/acoustic circuit. Soon enough, her reputation had spread beyond the city, and having been introduced to her performance videos online, Will at Tape Club arranged to meet Kerry and Kwame. Soon after, Kerry became heavily involved with the label, playing at label shows and embarking on her first tour. This sparked close relationships with label-mates Peter Lyons, Dogtanion and Mr. James Bright, leading to a number of collaborative writing and recording projects. Kerry released the single ‘A Different Light’ in 2010, which was placed on the Noel Clarke film, ‘4,3,2,1’. This was the second film that Kerry’s music had been featured in, following the inclusion of ‘Run Dry’ in his earlier film, ‘Adulthood’. Kerry’s song ‘Do You Fancy Me?’ was also placed in ‘4,3,2,1’, as well as the US hit TV show, Grey’s Anatomy.
Kerry’s first extended release was released in March 2011, and took form of a collaborative EP with Peter Lyons. ‘Clothes, Friends, Photos EP’, is a six-track DIY production – written, recorded and produced by the duo at Peter’s family home in Southampton, it went on to gather wide acclaim online and at radio. At the end of 2011, before going back into the studio with Peter to record their debut album, Kerry released ‘Notes EP’ – a small selection of solo tracks and remixes. She has also worked with electronic producer, Lapalux (Ninja Tune/Brainfeeder, Pictures Music), featuring on his debut album “Nostalchic”, and more recently DELS on his “Petals Have Fallen” LP.