Peter Lyons


Peter Lyons had already written, recorded and produced several full-length records by the time he came to release his first single with Tape Club Records. Having gathered a reputation in his home city of Southampton for a unique low fidelity cut-and-paste style of production, it was not long before he was approached to put out a limited cassette tape. This was followed quickly by a single release on the Southampton-based Sotones label and soon enough Peter had secured a number of fans, including a handful of regional radio personalities. Having been based in Brighton for his studies, Peter moved to London and spent his days writing and producing for a soundtrack company. By night he would perform and collaborate with label-mates, working to perfect his already extraordinary songwriting and performance talent.

Peter has since then collaborated with label-mate Kerry Leatham as “Peter and Kerry“, releasing EP ‘Clothes, Friends, Photos’ and album ‘La Trimouille‘, composed the stunning score for ballet ‘Vanity Fowl, and released a cover of ‘Touch Me by Rui da Silva, which you can check out here.

Pete’s debut EP “Oh, To Pull You Up” will be released on 2nd October 2015. Listen to “Envy” taken from the EP here.