Thos Henley


Thos Henley grew up in southern England in a small village in Southampton. He has a passion for music and literature and after reading the works of the great names in travel literature such as Laurie Lee, Richard Halliburton, Lord Bryon, Lawrence Durrell and specifically Patrick Leigh Fermor, Thos began to develop his romantic vision of life as the troubadour – walking and playing from village to village with nothing but his guitar as the ultimate incarnation of this romantic ideal.

After studying cinema at University in England, he decided to embark on an adventure similar to those described in the books of his childhood. He spent several months on the road in Europe, playing in the street for anyone who would listen while writing many poems, short stories and songs, before settling permanently in Paris.

He’s also released a beautiful gold-pressed record, ‘Golden Europe’ on the French Les Boutiques Sonores label and has also completed a tour with the revolutionary artist, Syd Matters.