Andrew Wasylyk
Themes For Buildings And Spaces

TAPCLB083 (Digital, Physical)
Released 28/04/2017

1 : Drift
2 : Under High Blue Skies
3 : Ghosts Of Park Place
4 : Via Crucis
5 : Come The Autumn
6 : Lower Dens Works
7 : Menzieshill
8 : The Howff

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Andrew Wasylyk, the alias of Scottish writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Mitchell, invites the listener to explore his hometown of Dundee. Eight architectural sites and open spaces have inspired an album of instrumental compositions echoing the materials, the everyday use and the romanticised memories of a post-war cityscape continually shifting and evolving throughout the decades.

From the emotive and hypnotic motifs in ode to Brutalism, “Under High Blue Skies”, the plaintive brass and piano work in “Drift”, “Lower Dens Works” prevailing percussion, harking back to Tayside’s Jute mill machinery ghosts, or the unnerving minimalism of “The Howff”; with “Themes For Buildings And Spaces”, Wasylyk soundtracks both the celebrated and the forgotten, the melancholic and the optimistic and asks the nostalgist in us all to consider an alternative view of the city of “Jute, Jam & Journalism”.

“Themes For Buildings And Spaces” will be released 28th April via limited edition cassette, CD and digital download.