Hairy Hands

TAPCLB070 (Digital, Physical)
Released 02/09/2016

1 : I Get Hot
2 : Shower
3 : Chest & Lungs
4 : Wildcats ft. Roseau
5 : YNA
6 : Suns
7 : Heat
8 : Wings
9 : Legs To Run
10 : Are You All The Same
11: Wolf ft. Peter Lyons
12 : 146

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Intergalactic sound voyager Hairy Hands returns, this time with debut album “Magic” landing on Planet Earth on 2nd September 2016 (via Tape Club WW ex N.America and New Los Angeles for N. America).

Following on from last year’s 'Battlecat’ EP, ‘Magic’ tells the story of the death of the Sun, the demise of Earth and humanity's development of space travel to find another planet to inhabit. The album weaves its way from spaceship bathroom romp 'Shower', past the breathless 'Chest & Lungs', landing in a distant woodland on 'Wildcats' before discovering alien life on 'YNA' and ‘Are You All The Same’.

Join us on a special cosmic voyage...