Matt Robertson
In Echelon

TAPCLB076 (Digital)
Released 07/10/2016

1 : Hold
2 : Urdu
3 : Depot
4 : In Echelon
5 : Robots
6 : Flight
7 : Juno
8 : False Sense
9 : PostScript

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‘In Echelon’, the forthcoming album by composer, synthesist and producer Matt Robertson, is inspired by the idea of surveillance and how we're always monitored but seem either oblivious or apathetic to it.

"I liken the surveillance phenomenon to a huge slow moving airship that everyone can see, but because it just hovers around really slowly, after a while people become used to it and eventually ignore it or get used to its presence. A lot of the harmonic ideas are really slow moving, but sometimes against a faster moving background. Also harmonically I think some of it is slightly uncomfortable, but wrapped in a comfortable shell."

Released 7th October 2016