Muscles And Bones

TAPCLB078 (Digital, Physical)
Released 31/03/2017

1 : Foundation
2 : Start Again
3 : Disintegrate
4 : Take
5 : Light
6 : Oh, Honestly

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Roseau returns to Tape Club for ‘Muscles And Bones’; six tracks of tender electronic soul, melancholic pop and cathartic songwriting. Self-produced by Roseau and co-mixed with Peter Lyons, the EP was released on 31st March 2017 and is available digitally and on limited edition CD digipak.

“The storyline that ties the EP together is of loss and learning how to cope with it. Realising that sadness will manifest itself in other ways if you try to repress it. Mine came through recurring dreams of buildings collapsing with loved ones trapped inside them, tsunamis and dark blue, bottomless expanses of ocean.”