Sephine Llo
I, Your Moon

TAPCLB075 (Digital, Physical)
Released 27/10/2017

1 : First To Tarnish
2 : Glacier Thawed
3 : The Sweetest Noise
4 : I, Your Moon
5 : Home
6 : Lover Shaped My Name
7 : Vertigo And The Torchbearer
8 : Embossed
9 : Paper Thin
10 : Barren Heart
11 : The Remains

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After releasing her debut Flame EP, Sephine began work on her debut album I, Your Moon. However, the release of the long-player was sadly delayed when Sephine’s husband and musical collaborator Robert Lloyd-Wilson (of Autumn Chorus) was diagnosed with cancer. After a two-year battle, and only a few weeks after discovering they were expecting their first child, he tragically passed away.

Now I, Your Moon is set to be finally released on 27 October on CD/Vinyl/Cassette/Digital. The album is written, recorded, produced and mixed by Sephine Llo, but pays homage to Robert Lloyd-Wilson, who contributed backing vocals and some co-production.

“The album now represents a bridge over the journey from when we found each other through our music, to the turbulent feelings that now shape my days.”